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I have had some male to male encounters in the past and have been tested several times for HIV. I am getting a repeat outbreak on my buttocks and now on my left leg. The outbreak acts and looks like impetigo. The dermatologist said it was fairly common to get butt acne; however these spots are not grouped and are leaving scars. I have treated them with typical acne meds but to no avail. Are there STD symptoms that typically behave like this? Recently my wife has gotten some similar outbreaks on her neck and a few sores on her face. Any ideas?

It's not possible to diagnosis this (or any other medical condition) via email. And donít trust any doctor who tries to! It is, however, important to think about whether it could even be an STD based on your past sexual practices. Since you've had more than one sex partner in the past, it is possible that you could have gotten another STD (not HIV) or germ spread through close contact. You can read about STD basics - symptoms, time course, etc. here.

Just so you know, there are not any STDs that usually show up on the neck and face. Visiting a skin doctor and bringing your wife along with you may help with getting proper treatment.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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