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My BF and I recently got back together after a breakup. We had unprotected sex and oral sex, a dumb move, I now realize. A few days after we had sex, I began to have STD symptoms, including lots of discharge. I went to an STD clinic and was told on the spot I was infected with gonorrhea and was treated according. I confronted my BF and he confessed to kissing someone else. I don't want to sound na´ve, but I believe him or at least I want to for the sake of our relationship. My question for you is: Can you be infected with gonorrhea by sensually kissing someone and then a few days later, pass it on by performing oral sex on someone else?

Although you can be infected with gonorrhea in the throat, kissing is not a very effective way to pass it on to someone else. Oral sex and unprotected intercourse are the primary ways gonorrhea is transmitted. If you did get gonorrhea from your partner, he was most likely unaware that he even had it, as most throat cases are asymptomatic.

Gonorrhea is completely curable. For more information, click here. Glad you took care of yourself by getting tested and treated. People with gonorrhea should make sure recent partners get treated and try to get a repeat check-up 3 months after diagnosis.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.
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