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Ask Dr. K

I was with a guy and he slipped his penis halfway inside of me before I made him stop and put a condom on. He was not using a condom and Iím not sure if he had any pre-cum. I know that pre-cum can contain HIV. Am I at risk? Should I get tested?

You are somewhat correct in that without ejaculation, your risk of acquiring HIV from an infected partner from thrusting or "dipping" is much lower than if he had ejaculated inside of you. But keep in mind that other factors exist that could make dipping risky. When someone pulls out, they don't always make it in time and in some cases, a small amount of ejaculate is released inside you without you even knowing.

So, the answer is yes, you should get tested for HIV, and other STDs, some of which are even transmissible without exchange of semen. When you go for testing, ask your provider to do a rectal swab for STDs, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, which could be transmitted this way.

If you're in San Francisco, City Clinic provides free STD testing on a walk-in basis.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Wednesday, May 05, 2010.
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