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Is it possible for a person to clear their body of Chlamydia without treatment?

Yes, over time the immune system in some people can clear chlamydial infection. There are not a lot of data but one study showed that about half of women cleared infection by 1 year but at 4 years about 1 in 4 were still infected. We recommend that anyone with chlamydial infection get treated ASAP because untreated long term infection with chlamydia can cause serious health issues in both men and women—such as sterility, pain and pregnancy outside the womb. Repeat infection after treatment is common so be sure that your partners know about the infection and get treated []. Repeat testing at 3 months is also necessary. The sooner someone and their partner get treated, the sooner they can get back into action!

To read more about Chlamydia, see or

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Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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