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I am a gay male and am wondering if it's a good thing for a guy who's receiving anal sex to use a female condom.

Opinions on the use of the female condom for anal sex differ according to who you talk to. According to our sources, the use of the female condom for anal sex is a very useful option. It allows the receptive partner to maintain more control over the barrier process. It lasts longer than a traditionally worn latex condom and can be used with both water and oil based lubes. They can take some getting used to, so take your time while inserting it, or better yet make it part of sex and ask your partner to help.

On the other hand, AVERT suggests that using the female condom for anal sex could increase the chance of rectal bleeding compared with male condoms and therefore could increase the chance of HIV transmission. While that may be a concern, I have seen not scientific data to support that assertion.

Click here for detailed instructions from NAM in London on how to use the female condom for anal sex and difficulties that may come up while using it.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.
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